1. Personal Information Protection Policy
    • Shiodome Partners Limited, Shiodome Partners Tax Corporation., Shiodome Gyoseishoshi Corporation are hereby referred to as “Our group”. Concerning the personally identification information ( hereby referred as Personal Information ) that we hold between our group regarding our customers, all the transactions-related parties, as well as our directors (executives) and employees , we declare that all our staff are fully aware of the importance of Personal Information, and will handle it appropriately. In order to comply with the personal information privacy protection act & other laws and regulations, our group establishes independent regulation and management system; we hereby announce the personal information protection policy and regulation as follows.
  2. Personal Information Protection System
    • On the conduction of various affairs/business, and in addition to the personal information protection law and other regulations, our group establishes management system based on actual work conditions to handle personal information properly and with caution.
  3. Acquisition of Personal Information
    • Our group, upon the acquisition of personal information, will acquire information in a proper and legitimate manner to the job-related necessary extent.
  4. Purpose of use of the Personal Information
    • Our group uses the personal information for the purpose specified and agreed beforehand and will not use the information for any other purpose outside the purview. Besides, we do not use the personally identifiable information that is specially restricted by laws and regulations for any other purpose besides the concerned purpose. Our group uses personal information for the following purposes: Contact on work (job-related), Execution/implementation of contract (on the provision of information and services), Guidance on our group information and services, Guidance on our group seminars and lectures etc.
  5. Management of Personal Information
    • To prevent the loss, destruction, manipulation and leak of personal information, we implement rational safety management measures such as policy on unauthorized access, computer viruses etc. Moreover, we adequately supervise the employees and consignees that handle with personal information.
  6. Provision of Personal Information
    • Our group, with the exception of particular situation by laws and regulations, and with the agreement of our customer, will not disclose any personal information to the third party.
  7. Continuing Improvement
    • Our group establishes management system based on personal information protection policy, and we will continuously strive to improve the system to face with changes on the demand of society, etc.
  8. Disclosure/Correction/ Deletion of Personal Information etc
    • Our group will take confirmation regarding the independent/subject (personal information the person himself/herself) rights of disclosure, correction, usage termination and elimination etc. of personal information, and will act properly on the request for such actions from the information subject.