Corporate Finance

Recent years have seen an increase in the levels of foreign investments in Japanese businesses. PKF JAPAN can provide expert support for all your accountancy needs, such as the acquisition of Japanese companies, the firm establishment of a Japanese company’s internal controls, and other related requests. We can offer you our comprehensive Corporate Finance support services to help make your Japanese based business a success. As a one-stop Corporate Finance service for Japanese corporations and branches, we provide our clients with a quality service that is comparable to the “Big 4” consultancies but at a reasonable price.

We have put together an integrated team of Certified Professional Accountants (CPA), Enrolled Agents (EA), Tax Advisors, Lawyers, Certified Social Insurance and Labor Consultants, Legal Advisors, Business and IT Support Staff, Bookkeepers and Administrative Assistants who, between them, can provide the services that you require.

Mergers and Acquisition Advice

Here at PKF JAPAN, we can provide our clients with a wide range of services related to mergers and acquisitions in Japan. We can serve as your one-stop support partner for an array of services ranging from financial advice to due diligence services.

  • Financial Advice
    • We can provide consulting services both before and after the Merger and Acquisition (M&A). The services include formulating M&A schemes and backing up contract negotiations. We will appoint an experienced M&A consultant as your Financial Advisor (FA), who will manage the M&A process utilizing a support network that includes securities companies, banks, and venture capitalists.

  • Financial due diligence
    • Buyer-side support

      We can support buyers who are seeking to expand globally through cross-border M&A activities. Our expertise and focus in small-to-medium sized companies and start-ups can add value in helping to identify the key value drivers, performance indicators, inherent risks, and the opportunities that are related to your target company.

    • Seller-side support

      Our experience and expertise allow us to identify and address any potential issues and risks in advance, enabling them to be resolved or mitigated as appropriate before the M&A negotiation process. We can help overseas sellers identify the key issues and risks to minimize any exposure to the deterioration of company value during the M&A process.

  • Tax due diligence
    • We are experts at the assessment of tax risks and opportunities for a target company operating in a foreign country, a service that is essential in helping achieve a successful deal closure. Our experienced and certified tax professionals can help you identify your tax exposure and develop strategic tax planning initiatives to optimize the transaction value for you.

  • Human Resources due diligence
    • In today’s fast-changing and diversified working environment, there are numerous inherent risks related to employment and workforce, and these can be especially significant in small-to-medium sized companies and start-ups. Any non-compliance or inadequate understanding of newly enacted labor laws and regulations may result in potential liabilities for the employers as a result of unrecognized overtime, insufficient reserves, illegal employment contracts, or exposure to employee litigation. Our certified experts are on hand to help you identify these risks before any deal closure, and they can provide strategic solutions to avoid any unexpected contingent liabilities.

  • Legal due diligence
    • Identifying risks related to the legality of the business establishment and its ownership structure, and any non-compliance with Corporate Law and other relevant local laws and regulations are critical to successful deal closure. Our legal experts can assist you in the identification of these risks and can provide strategic solutions to reduce any legal exposure from your target company before the conclusion of any deal.


Obtaining an accurate and dependable independent valuation can be vital for many situations – purchase/sale of assets or a business, fundraising, the issuance of share options, business restructuring – and we have the skill and capability to help.
Our experienced valuation professionals have supported small-to-medium sized and pre-IPO companies and start-ups in identifying the key factors affecting the valuation of the businesses and can provide objective and independent valuation opinions to our clients.

We can help you to understand the value of your business or a target company and provide strategies and solutions that work for you.

Internal Audit Advice

The role of the internal audit function has become increasingly important in today’s complex operating environments as a result of the globalization of businesses and technological developments.

Our team of professional consultants can either work collaboratively with your team or deliver their services on a fully outsourced basis to review and monitor your foreign operations. They can examine and evaluate compliance with your corporate governance principles, legal requirements, internal policies, and regulations, and assess operational efficiencies. We can deliver the results of the audits as a report to the board, audit committees, or internal audit directors.

IPO Advice

Our team of experienced professional consultants can provide you with a one-stop service, and we can help you prepare for your business going public at every stage of the process. Our team will work collaboratively with you, to assist you in the development of the operational infrastructure, the preparation of a strategic equity policy, dealing with the correspondences with accounting firms, broker-dealers, and the stock exchange, as well as supporting you as you face the other challenges during the course of the IPO preparations.

Forensic Accountancy Advice

Insufficient management oversight, no close monitoring of daily operations, the lack of well-established internal control processes, and inadequate corporate governance in a company operating in a foreign country are all recognized as factors that can create threats from corruption, fraud, and other operational and financial risks. Following the identification of any initial indications of fraudulent activities, or the receipt from whistleblowers of allegations of fraud or misconduct, a business should immediately take action to establish the facts and evaluate the impact, including the assessment of legal liability, potential financial loss, and reputational damage. Our team of professional consultants can assist you in analyzing any allegations of fraud or financial mismanagement and address any whistleblower allegations, providing factual reporting, and offering practical advice. Our skill and experience mean we can take on board your problems and deliver effective solutions, taking care of your problems for you.

Service Features

Our CORPORATE FINANCE services boast the following four major features:

Professional experience

PKF JAPAN is home to a core team of certified professionals, including Certified Professional Accountants (CPA), Enrolled Agents (EA), and Tax Advisors who are all certified in Japan, and who are all former members of the “Big 4” consultancies. We are committed to providing corporate finance support to companies from across the world when they seek to expand their business into Japan ― either as companies or branches. We provide services to a wide range of clients from multiple industry sectors, from international companies listed overseas to those operating in the global aviation industry.

An ability to provide fast, agile and effective support

PKF JAPAN’s team of specialized consultants are light on their feet. We are a fast and agile service provider, reacting to our clients’ needs whenever required, and delivering effective solutions. We recognize that it is essential for our clients that we swiftly complete our work when it comes to corporate finance services to meet our clients’ needs. When providing corporate finance services, we guarantee that we will provide all our clients with prompt and decisive action.

Multilingual support and an international network

Here at PKF JAPAN, we employ bilingual staff who are proficient in the major languages for international business, including English and Chinese. Over recent years we have seen an increase in both foreign business expansions into Japan and the overseas business expansions of Japanese enterprises. In such an evolving business environment, we are proud to be able to offer our incorporation services in both English and Chinese to enhance and expand the support that we can provide to our clients. Following our link up into the global PKF International accountancy network, we now have expanded our operations to include over 400 offices across 150 countries, allowing us to tap into this network to provide you with even better-localized support. Any clients who cannot communicate in Japanese do not need to worry about any language barrier as we can always find a way to work together using a common language, providing the services that you need.

Integrated accountancy services

At PKF JAPAN, we have put together an integrated team of Certified Professional Accountants (CPA), Enrolled Agents (EA), Tax Advisors, Lawyers, Certified Social Insurance and Labor Consultants, Legal Advisors, Business and IT Support Staff, Bookkeepers and Administrative Assistants who, between them, can provide the services that you require. This depth of experience allows us to provide comprehensive advice for all your financial management requirements, and we can provide you with a one-stop accounting support service.

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